SRP provides power to several Native Americans for the first time

NAVAJO NATION, Ariz. (FOX 10) - SRP workers hit the road on Saturday to go to Navajo Nation. Those waves of SRP workers will help provide power to Native Americans who have never had electricity.

It's a big day for this group of SRP workers and it's the first day of a brand new project.

"Starting this journey, we're going to head up north to the far north corner of the state," said Mark with SRP. "[We're going to] help try and install new power lines and transformers to provide electricity and power lines to the far north corner of the state."

Of the 55,000 homes located on the 27,000 square mile Navajo Nation, approximately 15,000 homes don't have electricity. This group is one of many waves of workers heading up to install power. The manpower, equipment, and materials - all by donation.

"It's supplying power to a community that hasn't had it before," said Stephen with SRP. "I think it's going to be a big change for everyone."

The project won't be easy because of the terrain and environmental challenges.

"Being out in the remoteness, being able to get our supplies and the trucks where we need to get the work done, [I] hope that we don't have any machine failures," Mark said.

Workers say it's all worth it - to be a part of something that enriches the lives of others.

"It's something that makes us feel good," Mark said. "You know we enjoy doing the work and this is a nice opportunity to give to the community."