SRP worker rescues wild horse stuck in Arizona canal

Kristen Keim, a water master with Salt River Project, started off her day like any other, but she never expected to have to save a horse.

Keim first noticed the stallion standing in a canal on the Salt River Pima Indian Community, blowing bubbles with his nose. The wild horse seemed to be having the time of its life, but after Keim came back to the canal hours later, she noticed the horse was still in the same spot.

Keim knew she had to do something.

"So [I] grabbed a rope out of the truck and tied a loop into it – a little lasso – and got it around his neck, and was able to get him to turn around and face an equipment ramp we have on the canal," she said.

Once out of the canal, the horse went over to the shade and began eating from a tree.

Keim says the horse had no visible signs of any serious injuries, aside from scraped knees.

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A wild horse had to be rescued after getting stuck in an Arizona canal. (SRP)

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