St. Mary's Food Bank in need of donations before Thanksgiving

Donations this year are down, way down and St. Mary's Food Bank really needs your help to make sure that every family in need has a fantastic Thanksgiving.

"Lots of meetings, lots of head-scratching, lots of worries, frowns -- it's been a tough week," Jerry Brown said.

Brown with the food bank says there's a lot of worry that there won't be enough turkeys to fill all the need.

"We should [have] about 4,000 to 500,000 turkeys needed for the 12,000 we're going to distribute in the three days leading up to Thanksgiving," he said. "This year, it's 8,000 -- I don't know if it's late in the year, Anita. The fact that Thanksgiving is so late, all the things that have been in the news that have been distracting us, but this is double where we are normally behind this time of year."

The good news is Desert Financial has stepped up.

"We heard that they were a little short on their turkey drive this year, so we are announcing that we are matching every turkey that's donated from now until Thanksgiving, so your donation of one turkey becomes two," said Amber Allen of Desert Financial.

So for every turkey you donate, Desert Financial will give one as well.

Team members also let a hand this afternoon, packing boxes for Thanksgiving distribution with donations that were already dropped off.

You can make a donation all the way through Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.