St. Pete police to fine protesters for blocking streets, halting traffic

Protesters block a road in St. Pete on June 2, 2020.

Police in St. Petersburg say they will begin enforcing pedestrian traffic rules following complaints about protesters blocking traffic.

The agency said officers will start handing out flyers to warn pedestrians, including protesters. Later this week, they will start issuing citations and a $62.50 fine.

"The Police Dept. has received numerous complaints about protesters blocking roads impeding traffic for emergency response and delaying citizens driving to work and other obligations," police wrote.


Flyer to be handed out to pedestrians (Courtesy: St. Pete Police Dept.)

St. Pete police say they will be focusing on pedestrians violating the following laws:

- Must use sidewalk when possible, Florida Statute 316.130 (3)
- May not obstruct or hinder traffic, Florida Statute 316.2045 (1)
- Must obey traffic signals, Florida Statute 316.075 (1) (C) 2b

The department said recent national incidents of vehicles striking protesters who were blocking roadways highlight the importance of following the law and staying clear of traffic.