Steve Belles replaced as Hamilton High School football coach

Steve Belles is no longer the head football coach at Hamilton High School, according to Chandler Unified School District officials.

According to a statement released by Terry Locke, Dick Baniszewski, the interim head coach for spring football, will continue as Hamilton High's head coach for the fall 2017 season. Decisions beyond the 2017 season have not been determined.

The decision was reportedly announced to the coaching staff Thursday afternoon, and was announced to players at the start of spring football practice on the same day.

Hamilton High's football program has been dealing with a hazing scandal. Nathaniel William Thomas, 17, was charged as an adult on multiple charges, including alleged molestation. Meanwhile, two 16-year-olds are being charged as juveniles, but requests have reportedly been made to charge those two as adults as well.

Belles was "reassigned to home" for an indefinite length of time by school district officials in early April. The reassignment, according to school district officials at the time, was not disciplinary in nature.

District officials also described Thursday's decision to replace Belles with Baniszewski as head football coach as not disciplinary in nature, and Belles has reportedly been offered a contract to continue to teach, during the 2017-2018 school year.

An investigation into the hazing incident is ongoing.