Stolen Boy Scout troop's trailer recovered, but camping gear is gone; suspect arrested

Just weeks before their big camping trip, Boy Scout Troop 513 received a major blow. Their trailer was missing.

"Someone, I guess saw it and just took it, thinking there were lots of things in it," said Christine Gavagan.

And there were lots of things in there: plenty of camping equipment and ribbons.

"Cooking equipment, mostly a few tents, materials for an ax yard we put together," said Gavagan.

A FOX 10 viewer saw our story earlier in the week and called the police when they spotted the trailer.

The trailer was found a couple of days later in the driveway of a home in north Phoenix near 43rd and Northern avenues, covered by a tarp -- but nearly everything inside it was gone. The equipment was worth around $2,000 to $3,000. The ribbons, while they may not have held much monetary value, were irreplaceable.

"The boys were disappointed that the equipment was gone and especially the ribbons because they showed 40 years of achievement that the troop has," said Gavagan.

But as far as the replaceable items go, Gavagan says that many in the community have stepped up.

"Willing to donate gear that they have a lot of, or just not using anymore, which is fantastic."

And after weathering this storm, Gavagan says she doesn't think anything will stop them from setting out on their camping adventure.

"We have a great group of boys. We do not want to disappoint them in any way, so we'll make it happen one way or another."

The trip is scheduled for President's Day weekend.

Arrest made in trailer theft

Police say 40-year-old Jamie Tovar has been arrested in connection to the crime and was booked into jail on a theft charge.


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