Students at East Valley school learning science topics during lunch break

A school program at Kyrene del Cielo allows students the freedom to learn more about certain subjects, and the kids are choosing to do it on their lunch break.

For some, instead of spending lunch break at the playground on Kyrene del Cielo, they can spend it in the Discover Room, where they can learn about math, science, and technology.

The program was founded 10 years ago by parents who wanted their kids to learn more about the sciences.

"We said can we please create a STEM Playroom, a Discover Room where kids can do this in their lunch recess," said Marni Anbar, Director of the Discover Room. "They can choose to come and self-direct themselves and their own curiosity in science and engineering or any type of thing they might be interested in."

In class, kids can learn about musical instruments, use X-Rays, play with Legos and more. Each week, they have a new guest to speak about science.

"Music does a lot of different things," said SSC Services for Education Manager James Alexander. "It can be a way to relieve stress and create. Everyone is creative, one way or another."

This week, Alexander, a Marine veteran, taught the kids about his passion: music. He shared with them how to play a guitar, how vibrations work, and how sound amplifies.

"If I can sneak away to give back to the school system, it is our pleasure as a company and my pleasure as a person to do that," said Alexander.