Students speak out after Phoenix Union High School District cuts ties with school resource officers

A group made up of students, parents, teachers, and activists say they have been advocating for this change for years, but now, they want to make sure it will be permanent.

"Black and brown students do not feel safe in your schools," ASU student Trinity Miracle said.

The group spoke out on July 9 and called for the school board president and several other school board members to make public statements on the issue, saying silence is not acceptable.

"We are not using our voter power for you to be silent, but because you have chosen to be silent, you are automatically advocating for an education system that criminalizes students that you've chosen to govern," Miracle said.


Phoenix Union High School District will not re-sign agreement with Phoenix for School Resource Officers

Phoenix Union High School District will not re-sign its annual agreement with the City of Phoenix for School Resource Officers.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams reacted to the school district's decision to remove police from campus.

"If we are not welcome and they don't want us to be there and present than we will not be, but at the end of the day if there is a call for service, if there is something going on at those institutions, my officers will respond with professionalism and transparency," she said.

Williams says the department's job is to serve and protect and she is hopeful both the police department and the Phoenix Union can move forward in the future.