Stuffed animal used in court in MSU physicist bestiality case

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An unusual moment in court Thursday in Lansing in the case of an MSU physicist charged with bestiality.

A stuffed animal was used as a prop to help a witness describe what 51-year-old Joseph Hattey did to a basset hound. Hattey is charged with two counts of bestiality.

"I was still petting the dog holding him by his chest, petting his head and his ears," the witness said. "And he was on the other side of the dog trying to get aroused by stroking it."

Attorney: "Stroking it where?"

"On its genitals," the witness said.

Today was the preliminary hearing. Investigators and MSU both say the crimes happened in Holt, not on campus, and not involving any animals associated with the university.

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Back in April, Michigan State University was notified of the investigation and suspended Hattey from his position as a health physicist at MSU pending the outcome of this case.

The victim, a basset hound Ingham County Animal Control nicknamed "Flash" has been adopted out to a loving home.