Substitute teacher accused of molesting children in Buckeye

A 28-year-old Litchfield Park man is accused of child molestation, after an incident at WestPark Elementary School in Buckeye.

According to a statement released by Buckeye Police, Brian Scritchfield was arrested and booked into 4th Avenue Jail on a count of alleged child molestation, as well as two counts of alleged aggravated assault of a minor. Police said officers responded to WestPark Elementary School on Friday, after school officials reported that two female students had been inappropriately touched.

Detectives from Buckeye Police's Special Victims Unit, according to the statement, later interviewed witnesses and the alleged victims, identified as being 12 and 13 years of age. The alleged victims, according to police, said Scritchfield touched their hair, neck and back. One of the alleged victims reportedly told detectives that Scritchfield touched her genitals.

Scritchfield, according to police, was employed by a temporary agency that was contracted by the Buckeye Elementary School District.

According to court documents, one of the alleged victims said Scritchfield talked to the class about being single, and asked some girls of they were dating anyone. Court documents also state Scritchfield admitted to telling some students he was single, but said he told them to not talk about his personal life.

"So, he was touching on, like, girls' bra straps, and, just like, touching our hairs, and flipping our hairs back," said Madisyn Olivares. Madisyn said she was in the same room that Scritchfield was substitute teaching for, when he allegedly molested the two girls during class. Madisyn's mother also said one of the alleged victims is friends with Madisyn.

"He would look at the girls really weird, like in a weird face," said Madisyn. "He looked at us like he was into us."

In court on Friday, the mothers of the alleged victims spoke to the judge.

"She went to school to get an education yesterday, and left being violated, touched inappropriately, and she is scared to go back there," said one of the mothers. "She is scared to be in that class, and scared to be at that school."

"She can't close her eyes, because all she sees is his eye staring at her, giving her a look," said the other mother. "The fear in her. He should never be allowed around children."

According to court documents, Scritchfield allegedly dropped items on multiple occasions, and when he bent over to pick them up, he would touch the 13-year-old's thigh with his hand.

Before bringing it to the principal's attention, court documents state that a male student had already told the principal that he saw Scritchfield run his hand across the 13-year-old's lap.

"The little girl didn't want to tell anybody," said Jessica Brown, Madisyn's mother. "She didn't want to tell the teacher, the principal, or anyone because she was scared that the substitute would come back to sub and maybe retaliate against her, or try it again."

Scritchfield was reportedly certified by the Department of Education, and was reportedly cleared by with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

According to a statement released by Buckeye Elementary School District officials to parents at WestPark Elementary School, the school reportedly received reports of inappropriate behavior with students by a contracted substitute teacher on Thursday, after school hours. Officials said they immediately notified Buckeye Police Department.

School officials also said that the teacher, which was not identified in the statement, will not return to any Buckeye Elementary School District campuses.

Scritchfield is behind bars, with a $100,000 bond, and an investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call (623) 349-6400.

Si tiene alguna información sobre este caso, llama el número de telefono (623) 349-6400.