Sun Devils give back on 'Sparky's Day of Service'

A huge group of Sun Devils are taking over St. Mary's Food Bank.

"We have around here like 79 students just at this location," Heidy Martinez said.

One of many Sun Devil swarms spread out across the valley and volunteering for an event called "Sparky's Day of Service." These students are from the downtown campus and are just a portion of ASU participating for the first time.

All of them are brought together by the student-led group Changemaker Central.

"Last time we were here, we packed almost a ton of food for people in the valley," Joy Ivy said. "I'm hoping we can beat that record this time, we have a lot more volunteers this time."

Most of those volunteers are freshman and are getting to know their classmates while helping out the community.

"We come in packs, so there's a lot of us, so there's really no reason why we shouldn't help," Joy Oykeze said.

Filling up food boxes for those who need it most and that need is huge as St. Mary's hands out 45,000 of these boxes every month.

"When the Sun Devils first started this morning, this is what all of the racks at St. Mary's looked like, completely empty, but after just an hour, look at all this progress, and that, at the end of the day, they will have filled 3,000 boxes," FOX 10's Liz Kotalik said.

It's a simple way for students to meet each other and give back.

"We're nursing major, so I mean we already have that 'we want to help' instilled in us," Oykeze said.

While also showing the community that their Sun Devils care.

"I mean, we're the best school ever," Martinez said.