Suns player Josh Jackson denies allegations of marijuana use

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Shocking new allegations against Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson have emerged.

A month after his arrest in Florida, the mother of his child now claims he exposed their baby to marijuana.

A woman named Lorena Villela claims she picked up their child from Jackson's home on June 2, and that he smelled like marijuana. She believed he was high while the child was in his custody. She also believes that back in May, their child inadvertently got high when Jackson was smoking pot.

Jackson's legal team has released a statement that reads, in part:

"Josh Jackson categorically denies the defamatory and deeply upsetting allegations. He would never endanger the well-being of his daughter, or any other child, period."

Villela's attorneys countered with a statement that simply reads:

"Ms. Villela stands committed to the best interests of the parties' child, and will continue to diligently represent those interests during the court process."

Viillela is no stranger to trouble herself, having struck a plea deal on a disorderly conduct charge, and getting probation for a low-level child abuse charge.

Jackson has been in trouble before as well. In May, he was charged with resisting arrest after getting bounced from a Florida music festival. In 2018, he was fined $20,000 for skipping a Phoenix Suns-sponsored autograph session.

Fans weighed in on Thursday.

"The fans. especially the kids, really follow these guys. They wear their jerseys and pay attention to them. You either are or are not going to be a moral compass for them, one way or another," said one fan.

The NBA prohibits marijuana use both during the season and off-season. The Phoenix Suns have not issued a statement at this time.