Super Bowl to bring major business for Scottsdale: '10 times what it was five years ago'

The economics of the Super Bowl are huge for the host city, but the party scene might be even bigger.

Small businesses in the Phoenix area that plan and take part in the festivities are giving a glimpse into how they’re preparing.

Scottsdale in the spring is already a big party. This year though, small businesses say they’re hiring more and are booking up fast.

Every year the golf scene brings in major tourism business, but this year? Watch out, Scottsdale.

"The party business in Scottsdale is probably 10 times what it was five years ago," says Meghan Alfonso with Girl About Town.

The business prepares a rental house for guests, like bachelorette and bachelor parties.

"Anything a traveler needs coming to Scottsdale, we’ll handle for you," Alfonso says.

From champagne, to food.

"You send us everything you want, and we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your home, so you don’t have to worry about going anywhere," Alfonso explained.

Combine the WM Phoenix Open and Super Bowl LVII, and she says this year they already are nearing last year's bookings and there are still weeks to go.

"I’ve already hired 10 new people. They are getting trained and will need to know everything about how we run the company. Basically full-time staff for that whole week," Alfonso said.

It’s big business – for the party business.

Robert Mayer with Arizona Party Bike took us along for the ride, pedaling through Old Town Scottsdale. They already have bookings for Super Bowl week and he says you’ll need reservations.

"The last Super Bowl, you could do the party bike in Scottsdale. Not only could you not drink, but we only had 2 bikes. Now, we have 20. So, you’re not limited to a group of 14 people if you’ve got a corporate group you can host a group of over 200 people," Mayer said.

Just let them know they’ll need to pedal.

For those looking for a more relaxed vibe, you can always hang out poolside.

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