Surveillance video captures dramatic crash

Surveillance video managed to capture a car plummeting off a steep canyon road in the Phoenix area, straight into the yard below, and leaving some destruction in its path.

The incident even managed to wake up a man.

"I heard it, and was like, 'what's going on?'" said Ron Schafer. "I got up here, and I realized what was going on, and that I got nervous because they were trying to exit."

Instead of staying on the road, the car plowed through rough terrain, bounced off rocks, and hit some cactus trees before landing on Ron Schafer's driveway.

That, however, was not the end of it.

"Then he backed up into this big cactus and pulled out to the street," said Schafer.

In surveillance video, a passenger was seen getting out of the car, as the driver is backing up. The passenger was seen bending over to pick something up, before tossing it into the canyon.

Police later found a case of beer down below.

"They drove away on four flat tires, airbags exploded." said Schafer. "It was quite an event."

The car was found away from the scene, and the driver of the car was later found, on foot. An investigation is ongoing.