Surveillance video shows what happened before deadly police shooting

Authorities have released surveillance video taken of a man who was shot and killed by Phoenix police shortly before the deadly confrontation.

The video from a nearby 7-Eleven store is likely the last known video of Rumain Brisbon before he was shot on Tuesday. It shows the 30-year-old backing a black SUV into a parking spot, then walking in and out of the business near Interstate 17 and Greenway.

The video was given to FOX 10 by employees at the store and is being reviewed by police as part of their investigation into the shooting death of Brisbon.

It was here where police were first alerted to Brisbon. Police say someone reported people inside the SUV selling drugs.

Brisbon's friend, who was in the vehicle with him, says they were only going to get food.

"I ain't ever seen him do no transactions. I can't say I've ever seen him with my own eyes," said Brandon Dickerson.

Brisbon left the store. Later, at the Cobblestone Apartments, where Brisbon lived, police say someone again told the same officer that the men in the black SUV were dealing drugs.

The officer approached the SUV and according to authorities, Brisbon ran from the officer, the two struggled in the doorway of an apartment. Investigators say Brisbon put his hand in his pocket, the officer grabbed it and thought he felt the handle of a gun.

Police say someone opened the apartment door, the two fell in, the officer lost his grip on Brisbon's hand, fearing he had a gun in his pocket, the officer fired twice.

Brisbon later died.

In a police report released Thursday, investigators say the item in Brisbon's pocket was not a gun, but instead, a bottle of oxycodone pills. Investigators say they did find a gun in Brisbon's SUV, along with marijuana.

But some are challenging the police department's account of what happened, expressing doubts while demonstrating in downtown Phoenix Thursday.

"I lost a friend last night, probably more than a friend, more like a brother," said Dickerson.

Phoenix Police say they've reviewed the video, but they have no comment on it.

Earlier Friday, attorneys representing the family of Rumain Brisbon asked that his autopsy be delayed. They want the medical examiner off of the autopsy -- questioning their procedures. That request was denied and the autopsy took place as scheduled.

In the meantime, the attorneys say they plan to have another medical examiner conduct a second autopsy after the county medical examiner's office releases its findings.
On Thursday, hundreds of people gathered in downtown Phoenix to remember Rumain Brisbon. Some even marched to the Phoenix Police headquarters to protest Brisbon's death.

A similar, but much larger protest took place Friday night and it all happened at First Friday in Phoenix.