Survey: 34.6% of Arizonans find their neighbor's political signs irritating

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Are you irritated by these sprouting up in your neighborhood? A survey says if you live in Arizona, you're not alone in your annoyance!

The survey by sign company ShieldCo labeled Arizonans as some of the least tolerant in the country when it comes to their neighbors expressing their political beliefs on front yard signs. According to the survey, 34.6% of Arizonans find their neighbor's signs irritating.

For Vicky Rupp, however, political signs are a good thing in a neighborhood

"We live in America," said Rupp. "We get to say what we want to say, in a reasonable way, but I don't feel that Arizonans are not tolerant. I think its a good idea to have neighborhood involvement and information out, so I disagree with the study."

Arizona was in the number two spot for the least tolerant. The number one state for intolerance of political signs in neighboring yards was California, where 49% of respondents said they'd be irritated. The most tolerant states is Arkansas, where the survey said only about 6% of respondents stated they found the signs annoying.

Another interesting tidbit from the survey is that most people, 86%, said they know their neighbors political views.

"No, we know each others children and if you have a dog," said Rupp. "It doesn't matter what your neighbors politics are. It shouldn't."