Suspect arrested after crashing truck into power pole

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Phoenix Police officers arrested a suspect after he ran off following a crash where the car crashed into a power pole.

As a result of the incident, however, thousands were without power.

Police said the suspect was involved in three crashes. They say he hit a parked car as well as a palm tree before hitting the power pole.

"He fled down the street jumped the wall and that was it," said one man.

Surveillance video taken by a camera at a liquor store shows the power lines shake, and a guy running away.

"I just went outside and I see everybody going crazy, and I start seeing cops going everywhere," said Yazan Abushanab, who works at the liquor store. He found a wrecked pickup truck under damaged power lines in front of his store.

Abushanab said about six customers were inside at the time of the crash. Another neighboring business literally felt the aftershock.

"We were hooking up our electric, 'cause I was connecting electrical lines at the same time then all the power dipped down and brought up," said one man. "I thought, 'am I alive? Did I just fry myself?'" said one man.

The suspect's pickup also hit a contractor truck parked in the lot.

"He would have drove right into that liquor store and killed people if that dump truck wasn't there," said the man.

Police say the suspect ran to his home down the street, where officers found him within the hour.

"Taking a chance, but it didn't work out obviously," said Abushanab.

No one was injured in both collisions, and police have not released the identity of the suspect.