Suspicious package apparently parachuted into shipping company yard in Phoenix

A bizarre situation unfolded in Phoenix on Monday, as a suspicious package appears to have dropped from the sky, and into the yard of a shopping company.

Video taken by SkyFOX in the area of Lower Buckeye Road and 35th Avenue shows the package to be a small white box that was connected to an orange parachute-like substance. Both police and fire were on scene for hours following the discovery. Authorities, however, can't confirm if it came from the sky.

According to Cpt. Rob McDade with Phoenix Fire Department, HAZMAT crews were on scene helping Phoenix Police officers. At around 9:00 a.m., workers at the facility noticed a suspicious package near one of their trucks. While investigating the package, two Phoenix Police officers were exposed to an unknown substance, and fire crews were called to evaluate the officers.

No officers, according to Cpt. McDade early Monday afternoon, have been transported.

In a statement released by Cpt. McDade at around 4:20 p.m., it was revealed that powders analyzed at the scene were negative for any type of harmful or illegal substances, and the officers were decontaminated by HAZMAT crews.