Taste of TNF recipe: Leftover pumpkin and pecan pie parfait

It's a pretty sure bet that, at some point Thursday, you're going to feel stuffed. But Friday, you'll probably be wondering what to do with all of those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Instead of serving up turkey sandwiches, Dr. BBQ shows us how to make your post-Thanksgiving meal into a festival of food. Even the desserts can get transformed into something new.


  • ½ cooked leftover pumpkin pie
  • ½ cooked leftover pecan pie
  • 1 container whipped topping
  • Maraschino cherries (optional)


  1. Place the pumpkin pie in a bowl and crush it up, mixing the crust and filling together. In a separate bowl repeat with the pecan pie.
  2. Using clear parfait or cocktail type glasses, layer in the crushed pumpkin pie, some Cool Whip, and then some crushed pecan pie. Repeat these layers until the glass is full.
  3. Top with a final layer of whipped topping and a maraschino cherry or a dollop of leftover cranberry sauce.

Makes about six servings.