Taylor Swift fans show out in droves to kick off the Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium

As Glendale renamed the city "Swift City" in honor of Taylor Swift kicking off her Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium on March 17 with back-to-back shows, fans came out in full force to support the superstar.

Swift fans, better known as Swifties, arrived at State Farm Stadium since the parking lot opened up at noon on Friday.

Swift pre-party

At the official pre-party, which anyone with concert tickets could attend, is Hanna Lay and Ashley Ford, saying, "We’ve been fans since day one, 2006."

"I told my husband it was the most important day of my life," Ford said. "He was like, ‘What about our wedding?’ This tops it this is everything."

Just outside the stadium, Heritage at Sportsman Park is hosting the official pre-party.

"We have Taylor Swift themed drinks, food, we’ve got DJs, sing along, photo backdrops," Ryan Fitzgerald, general manager, said.

Some fans also traveled from all across the world.

Donna Tran made her way to Glendale from Alabama, saying, "I took two planes to get here."

It took Hanna Lay and Ashley Ford 14 hours to get here from Idaho.

Dana Saya, however, has them beat by a lot.

"I’m coming from Argentina, so that’s five flights, 48 hours more or less," Saya said.

No matter the distance, they are all ready to sing their hearts out and make lifelong memories for a concert they will never forget.

Fans Britney and Brianna say, "We’ve been to every concert she’s had here."

McKenna Waite came to see Swift at 37-weeks pregnant.

"37 weeks. Wouldn’t miss this for the world. So if she’s born here, cool. We’re banking on it," the super fan said.

Catie and Fernando showed up in major Swiftie style by including eras of the star's career.

"We worked very hard on these outfits. I tried to mix a few eras. I did some bejeweling for ‘Bejeweled’ and I’m more of the ‘Lover’ vibe."

To get fans prepared for the concert, we wanted to test their super fan knowledge.

What year was Taylor Swift born? "1989. 1989. 1989. That one is too easy."

What is Taylor Swift's lucky number? "13."

How tall is Taylor Swift? "Way taller than me … I think she is 5'9" …"


‘Absolutely surreal’

Among the fans at the show kicking off her Eras Tour is a mom and daughter duo who met Swift years ago – before the star was a household name.

"Who would have known many years later she'd become such a huge star," said Jessica Knight. She and her daughter Anaston met Swift in an era before the spotlight was on her, back in 2007.

"I actually had my daughter with me. She was a 3-month-old baby, and I'm thinking like, OK, I can find a way to calm her down, have her fall asleep during the mid-act so that she's good for George Strait," she said.

Swift was one of the opening acts of that concert.

"She was so new that she was the first one and then Ronnie Milsap and George Strait. So we went to her concert, we got to hear a few more off of her album that she hadn't released yet," she said.

That's when the love story began and the Knights met Swift.

"Signed a couple 8x10 photos, she grabbed my daughter out of my arms and was like holding her, she kissed her on the forehead and telling me how cute my baby was. I mean, it was really cool," Jessica said.

More than fifteen years later, their wildest dreams are coming true. The two are going to see Swift for the second time.

"Just thinking about the fact of like, OK going to see her is just like absolutely crazy. Waking up this morning and knowing that today is the day is absolutely surreal," she said.

From being held as a newborn to going to the Eras Tour, Anaston is looking forward to a night with her mom she'll remember forever and always.

"Her being such an honest artist and then like being such a good role model towards me like has just changed my life completely and being able to grow up hearing that story and just build off of that, and now I'm going to see her, it's just so surreal," she said.

The Knights weren't able to get meet and greet tickets but say just seeing her is more than enough.

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