Teacher re-assigned following rap lyric homework assignment

The song is called "Who's the Mack" it was released in 1990, by hip-hop artist "Ice Cube" and 25 years later the song is being resurrected for a class project.

A Florence teacher passed out the lyrics for an assignment about poetry, but parents say that assignment simply isn't appropriate for 8th-grade students.

Several parents complained to the district when they saw the homework assignment; now they want the teacher to be fired.

The song came out in 1990, and now 25 years later the song is stirring controversy.

Sarah Kelley says her 13-year-old son saw the music video in his 8th-grade language arts class at Florence K-8 school. The teacher assigned the lyrics as homework, a lesson in poetry.

But for some parents there is no rhyme or reason for these rap lyrics being taught in school.

"This is not something that 12 or 13-year-old kids need to be a part of, yes is it in everyday life? I get that, but it's not for a classroom setting," said Sarah Kelley.

A spokesperson for the district says they are investigating the situation and have taken the teacher out of the classroom. The district has policies prohibiting employees from using profane or abusive language.

Kelley says it's not the rap she has a problem with, it's the contents.

For all of Ice Cube's symbolism, similes, and metaphors, it's the literal meaning of the words on paper she believes crossed the line.

"If it were a rap song, country, rock and roll, something that wasn't condoning inappropriate actions and behaviors then I would feel different about that absolutely," said Kelley.

The district is not releasing the name of the teacher, they say it's a personnel matter.

For now the teacher has been reassigned to home.