Teen who once lived in homeless shelter earns full ride to Harvard

When Richard Jenkins was in 6th grade, he was living in a homeless shelter, and being bullied by his classmates.

Today, he attends a private boarding school, thanks to his hard work and sterling academics. Next fall, he'll attend Harvard on another full scholarship.

Jenkins says the moment he decided he was going to work hard for a better life was when he lied to a friend because he was embarrassed by where he lived. He realized academics could be his way out.

"Some people turn to sports, basketball, football. I was like, 'Alright well, let's try to get a full academic scholarship to college,'" he told FOX 29.

Jenkins dreams of one day working in artificial intelligence, and running his own company. Considering how far his own intelligence and hard work have gotten him so far, it's easy to think he'll get there.

If you want to help Jenkins take the next step in his future, a GoFundMe has been set up to help him pay for things like school supplies not covered by his financial aid.