Teens arrested, accused of shooting at undercover Phoenix Police officer

An undercover Phoenix Police officer has dodged a bullet, literally. Now, two teenagers are in custody as a result.

According to police, one of the teens fired a gun at the officer. The bullet went through the officer's windshield, but didn't hit him.

The officer's body-worn camera captured the moment when a bullet strikes his windshield, dangerously close to his face. The shooting happened Wednesday afternoon, in broad daylight, on a residential street near I-17 and Indian School Road.

"We received a report of a vehicle driving around with subjects waving a gun," said Sgt. Vincent Cole with Phoenix Police. "As they were approaching the vehicle, subject inside fired one round towards the officer,"

The officer was in an unmarked vehicle. Two other officers were also on scene, and they had the suspect vehicle surrounded. None of the officers fired back, and they were able to take the shooter into custody.

As it turns out, the suspect is a 17-year-old boy. A 16-year-old in the car, who also had a gun, and was arrested.  An 18-year-old in the car was questioned and released. Police are not releasing video or details of the arrests.

"I do know there's instances where officers take fire and don't return fire, or the suspect surrenders, where lethal force options aren't appropriate," said Sgt. Cole.

This time, the officer was able to walk away from a shooting unscathed, and two teenagers were lucky officers didn't fire their weapons at them.

"It's just one of those dangers of the job," said Sgt. Cole. "We're thankful our officer is uninjured, and the suspect was taken into custody safely."

The teens are now facing felony weapons charges, as well aggravated assault on a police officer.

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