Teen's father speaks out after clown threats case

A 14-year-old Houston student, charged in connection with "creepy clown" school threats, has been ordered to remain in jail following a court hearing on Wednesday. The judge decided to keep the Crispus Attucks Middle School student in custody pending a psychological evaluation. His alleged threatening social media post was quickly removed but plenty of other school clown threats seem to pop up every day throughout the U.S. and within the Houston area.

The online threats against schools, that are supposedly being made by clowns, are out of control. Willowridge High School was placed on a morning lockout, securing all doors so that no one could get in, after posts with a clown profile picture were made on social media threatening the campus.

Clear Creek Independent School District has increased police presence due to "continued social media chatter regarding clown threats."

The Attucks Middle School student who was arrested on Monday remains still in custody. The judge ordered a mental evaluation to see if the teen planned to carry out threats against his school that he allegedly posted on an Instagram account.

"They have to evaluate his psychological condition," explains Curtis Dockery, the teen's father. "There may be something in there that I don't know about." Dockery also says his son posted the threat, using a picture of clown, as a hoax.

"The kid just made a stupid mistake," adds Dockery. "He really wasn't serious about it, but when you do those kinds of things, you pay the consequences."

Dockery's son is charged with making terroristic threats.

The teen's father says he hopes the court will see his son for who he is, not for what he did.

"He's a good kid," describes Dockery. "He's not dangerous."

Some Houston-area parents say these clown threats are so disturbing that they're already making plans to keep their children indoors for Halloween.

"What we're going to do, we're going to set up Halloween in the house and let the kids knock on the doors in the house," says Milton Hopkins.