Tempe Police: Teen arrested, one dead in shooting after hit-and-run collision

Tempe Police say a 17-year-old male was arrested for murder following a hit-and-run car crash near Scottsdale Road and Playa Del Norte Drive on May 8.

A witness who had seen the crash was shot in the face by the teen after trying to report the 17-year-old after he ran away from the scene.

On Friday afternoon, a Dodge Dart crashed into a Hyundai passenger vehicle containing five juveniles inside. The teens fled the scene on foot after their Hyundai was disabled, police say.

Joseph Delegge, 22, saw the crash and helped the driver of the Dodge. Afterwards, the two left the crash and found three of the five teens in a parking lot at 951 E Playa Del Norte.

Police say Delegge brandished a firearm, telling the juveniles to sit on the curb while he called 911. While he contacted police, a fourth teen involved in the hit-and-run arrived in the parking lot.

Delegge showed his gun to the 17-year-old and told him to sit on the curb. The teen later approached Delegge and shot him in his right cheek, officials say.

The 22-year-old was taken to the hospital and was later pronounced dead.

The shooter tried to run away and tossed a backpack with the gun inside into Tempe Town Lake, but officers successfully recovered the gun and arrested him.

The teen was booked into Durango Holding Facility on charges related to murder, the hit-and-run, drug possession and more.