Terminal 3 getting a big makeover at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor Airport is getting a big makeover and frequent fliers seem to be impressed with the terminal's new look.

"I've lived here for 30 years and I've noticed a lot of changes here recently, and it's just beautiful the way everything's being improved," Michael Weideman said.

The $590 million project started in 2015 and has already completed its phase of remodeling earlier this year. Those renovations now see phase two and three, which will add up to 30 new restaurants, with many of those being local favorites.

Also on the way are new shops and boutiques to add to the travelers' experience at Sky Harbor.

"For travelers, they get to experience something similar to like what we have in Terminal 4 with out award-winning local dining options and our nationally-recognized retails brands," Heather Lissner said.

"As well as other local brands like Mustache Pretzel, which was from a food truck and is now going to be a local restaurant here at the airport, and other healthy options like the Original Chop Shop, where you can get bowls and salads, and the list goes on," Lissner continued. "It's very exciting."

Renovations in Terminal 3 are expected to be complete by late 2019 or early 2020.