Texas high school offering 'Adulting 101' to teach students 'how to survive'

Growing up is hard to do – but a school in Texas is aiming to make it a little easier for its students.

Round Rock Independent School District's Cedar Ridge High School is helping set their students up for life with a new class called “Adulting 101.”

The Round Rock school is offering the basic life skills course to all grades, which will aim to teach students how to cook healthy food, write a resume, interview for a job and manage money, among other important lessons.

"We're teaching them basic skills on how to survive," said chef Ralph Chavez, who teaches the students cooking skills, to KVUE. "It's not really high-end culinary stuff, but just when they graduate they'll know how they're going to feed themselves."

The course is reportedly still evolving, and one teacher at the school is hopeful it will add basic automotive skills to the curriculum soon.

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