Thanks to monsoon season, wildflowers are in full bloom in Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- This year's monsoon season has definitely packed a punch. It left behind lots of damage and downed trees throughout Arizona, but it wasn't all bad.

Because of the season, things are in full bloom.

"It also depends on the spring. This year, we didn't have much snow or rain and so we're actually really surprised that we have so many flowers, but the monsoon has been really good," said Cuyler Boughner of Flagstaff.

Every year, monsoon showers bring lots of wildflowers, especially to Flagstaff.

"This is just such a grand place to be, so that's why I'm here," Thomas said.

A drenching monsoon transforms the green flowing hills of Flagstaff into a blanket of colorful flowers.

People come from all over the world to snap a few pictures. Thomas, who's a professional photographer, comes in from Prescott twice a year to photograph the blooms.

"It's the beauty. It's just the beauty. That's what it's all about," Thomas said.

Anne McMillan came in from New Hampshire.

"The flowers are just gorgeous. You can't beat it. I noticed it on the highway up and I kept saying I wish I could take a picture and I had to stop here and take one. The wildflowers this time of year are just gorgeous," McMillan said.

Alex and his wife are visiting all the way from Germany.

"See the flowers with Humphrey's Peak in the back looks quite nice because of the color. Blue sky, green trees and the yellow flowers looks very nice," Alex said.

And Fox 10's Danielle Miller had to get in on the action.

Locals tell Fox 10 that this is the most vibrant they've seen the fields in recent years and it's a welcomed sight.

"Well, we've lived here 35 years so I think that's a testament to why we love it. We have a mountain in our front yard and the flowers," Boughner said.

If you have plans to come up north and experience all of the beauty, don't wait too long, because the flowers won't last forever.

A few locals say the yellow flowers will soon change into a type of purple wildflower, turning the fields from yellow to lavendar.