The dangers of DIY cosmetic procedures

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Botox, lip injections, chemical peels, all beauty procedures that are becoming increasingly popular so much so that some people are trying them at home, but one Valley plastic surgeon warns of the dangers of DIY cosmetic procedures.

Dr. PabloPrichard is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of training, but even for an expert, what looks to be a simple procedure like injecting botox takes knowledge.

"In total, we're talking about 11 or so years of training and we're looking at how not to cause these complications very specifically versus someone who sees a youtube video online there's probably going to be some problems," said Dr. Pablo Prichard with Advanced Aesthetic Associates.

Dr. Prichard is warning against a new trend called DIY cosmetic procedures.

"I've seen everything from droopy eyelids, I've seen double vision, I've seen abscesses where they get infections and it leaves permanent divots on their face," said Dr. Prichard.

The images are tough to look at, and the damage caused by do-it-yourself injections and chemical peels isn't always reversible.

"They're getting who knows, that's the problem, nobody really knows what's in the product you don't know how much what's the concentration of the botox because of it's kind of homegrown Botox," said Dr. Prichard.

Dr. Richard calls it black market Botox. They're sold online by people who have no business doing so.

"The companies who are offering these black market alternatives they're not doing it legally, and so they are getting shut down by various government agencies and so they know they are not going to last long and they pop up as another business and so since they know they are not going to be around very long they know they can sell you whatever they want," explained Dr. Prichard.

According to Dr. Prichard, DIY cosmetics might be sold at a discounted cost but the price you might pay from a botched procedure isn't worth it.

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