Thousands attend annual VNSA used book sale

Book lovers from across the region waited hours to get into the annual VNSA used book sale.

The sale raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for charities. It's also become a spectacle as the doors open and thousands rush in to see what is available.

"It's actually the largest book sale in the state of Arizona," said Angela Caed the VNSA Book Sale Chairman. 

Every year, the VNSA Book Sale brings out thousands to scour through 500,000 donated used books. Then the funds go to local charities.

To get the best selection, you have to get there early. 

"We watch the sunrise and we spend the entire day getting books," said Gina Weisman, a Phoenix resident. "We wait a whole year for this, so when we find out when it is next year, we're going to put in our days at work like we can't work this day."

We spoke with mother and daughter, Elisa and Gina Weisman, before the doors opened. 

"When we leave this cart's going to be filled," said the women. 

"Pandamonium, that's what you're going to witness, pandamonium as soon as they let us in, it's awesome," said Kevin Huss, a high school history teacher.

For some, it's a chance to get some light reading for their family. For others, they shop to resell at a higher price.

Tammy Johnson came from Denver.

"This is huge for our business," said Tammy Jonson, a book reseller. "We get two or months worth of inventory from this sale."

The textbooks are where the real money is at. 

It doesn't matter if they resell the books or just keep them to read, either way, the love of reading wins along with the local charities.