Three women quit corporate jobs to find success in Phoenix's event industry

Celebrations, announcements and parties are now taken to the next level with the help of social media, and those making it happen are a few locals who've ditched corporate America to pursue careers in the events industry.

Three Phoenix area small businesses are working to create those perfect memories. They are Alpha Lit Phoenix, Olivia's Balloon Creations and Girl About Town.

'Anything to create a gorgeous light-up display'

"Will you marry me?" is the question most girls dream about hearing and helping the special person in your life spell it out is Caity Hairston with Alpha Lit Phoenix.

"Every girl would love to plan a wedding, plan a party. That niche of it plus wanting to do something for myself – it was a great combination," Hairston said of her career change.

"We offer rentals. Letters, numbers, symbols. Anything to create a gorgeous light-up display that can be used for weddings, baby showers. Anything that is a gathering or celebration, we’re there for anything you want to spell," she explained.

Hairston walked away from her 9 to 5 job two years ago to pursue this business. She now knows her decision was a good one.

In the last year, she's done nearly 800 events – at least 10 per weekend.

'Balloons add so much value'

Olivia Nowak with Olivia's Balloon Creations said she started her business so she didn't need to rely on an employer for an income.

"Before social media blew up, it was a lot harder and I had a second job because I needed that security of insurance and income. Now it’s so busy. It just feels great not having to rely on an employer to provide for that," Nowak said.

She's been creating artwork out of balloons for several years, and in the last few years, it's blown up.

‘They just wanna show up and it’s finished’

Once you're engaged and ready to celebrate your final fiesta before your big day, Meghan Alfonso with Girl About Town can help you with that.

She sets up your hotel or Airbnb with fun, festive and personalized decorations before you arrive.

Alfonso says she does about 10 to 15 bachelorette parties each weekend.

"It’s definitely a convenience," Alfonso said. "They don’t want to sit here and decorate and keep the bride away, they just wanna show up and it’s finished."

Aside from the decor, she'll even stock your fridge with all your favorite treats.

"We sent them a form and they sent back their grocery list. Basically, we order it pick it up and deliver it so they don’t have to go to the grocery store once while they’re in town," Alfonso explained.

All of these small business owners are happy they trusted their gut to start something of their own, in turn helping you throw a show-stopping bash.

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