Made in Arizona: Scottsdale's 'Live Bearded' is more than a men's beard grooming company

If you know someone who has a beard, taking good care of it can be a challenge. There're oils, creams, gels and so many other options to choose from to care for facial hair.

Scottsdale-based Live Bearded wants to help men with their beards, and with their confidence too.

Spencer Davis is co-founder and chief operating officer of Live Bearded, headquartered in Scottsdale, and says, "My co-founder Anthony and I have been best friends since the college ASU days, about 15 years ago."

The duo created the premium men's beard grooming company in 2016.

"Our best selling product is our complete beard kit. That's gonna be beard oil, beard butter, and then a conditioner and a wash," Davis said.

All the products are 100% natural and made in Arizona.

Davis says they love to support and work with other local businesses too, and you might even find their products at your barbershop, like Sun Gold Tattoo & Barber in Scottsdale.

But this is more than just a beard grooming company, it's more of a brotherhood.

"I started growing my beard as soon as I got out of the military. It's what we like to call a freedom beard. I'm free from having to shave every day," Davis said.

Nathan Daggett, like all the employees at Live Bearded, started as a customer. Now, he's the director of advertising.

"I'm an Army veteran, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and that day, around all of the guys at Live Bearded, was the first time I felt that comfortable with a group of men since I left the military," Daggett said.

He added, "They really started building this awesome community of guys to support each other, uplift each other and hold each other accountable. That's really something I felt like we've been missing a lot."

Live Bearded ships nationwide and it doesn't stop with beard grooming, they've also launched soap, deodorant, and apparel as they continue to expand.

It started as a simple business plan. built around grooming for men, but it's turned into much more. A community of friends helping each other live life  – bearded.

"Guys don't have a place to really feel like they can be vulnerable with each other or just to feel heard and it's beautiful to provide a space where people don't feel alone," Daggett said.

David agrees, saying, "It makes a significant difference in how you look and we believe when you look better, you feel better. When you feel better about yourself, you have more confidence and show up better every single day and can make a bigger impact in life."

Learn more about Live Bearded here.

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