Made In Arizona: Phoenix company produces distinctive, customizable scooters

With more people moving to the Phoenix area and more cars on the road, some might be looking for a different way to get around, or they might want something fun and stylish to ride, like a Phat Scooter.

"I think people get that excitement when they first see it," said Phat Scooters CEO Timothy Moran. "It''s kind of like for me when I first saw roller blades, like, 'Oh! what are those?'"

Phat Scooters are scooters with a signature 10-inch wide tire.

"It's pretty hot and tempting, and that's how the unit looks to us," said Moran. "The phat tires, that is our number one search on Google, is a phat tire vehicle."

The scooters are made in Phoenix, and the company has been around for about four years.

"It's about having fun, getting out, having the wind in your hair," said Moran.

Moran came on board as CEO in February 2021.

"It's got that classic, rounded end like the 40s," said Moran. The headlamp, the wide handlebars, so a Phat Scooter is very unique," said Moran.

The scooters go up to 20 miles per hour.

"It takes about 4 hours to charge," said Moran. "It's really pretty simple to ride. You just throttle the right. Brakes are there, and that's it."

Moran says it moves a little like a battleship. It's smooth, and the tire is so big, it wants to keep you up.

"You kind of surf on it. So to me, it's like a large skateboard," said Moran. "You have three speeds. One for your thumb, just change the speed there, and you have a throttle and brake. It takes 30 seconds. once you've got it down, it's not that difficult."

There are 10 different stations that assemble 10 to 15 units a day at each one.

One thing that makes a Phat Scooter stand out in the scooter market is the customization.

"People get the customization of color, stripe, seat, handlebars," said Moran. "Everybody seems to have their own idea of what they want to look at and how they want to look and how they want to feel, so floorboards, we can do fenders, we've done crazy stuff."

Moran says it's great for getting from Point A to Point B. They're also doing well in the golf world, and now, Phat Scooters is looking forward to its third-generation release.

"We've added three times the torque to the new vehicle," said Moran.

The company is also set to release other products.

"We have a surprise coming out around Christmas. It's called the Baby Phat, so that's going to be similar to our current look. It's going to be very exciting," said Moran.

The company is growing about 15% to 20% a year, as electric bikes and scooters grow in popularity, and withmore people on the roads in cities like Phoenix.

"A Phat Scooter, a scooter, an electric bike, they all make sense. With a Phat Scooter, it's turn it on, turn it off, leave it there. With a bike, you gotta lock it," said Moran. "We are mom-approved. We're not a Harley. We're 20 miles per hour, and we see families out on the road, and the experience of people reconnecting."

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