Tips to keep yourself safe while hiking in the Valley heat

The heat is on and as temperatures begin to hike up in the Valley heat, local officials are reminding hikers to be more cautious when heading out to the trails.

Thirty-six mountain rescues were made in the Valley since January 1 and the number one cause? Heat exhaustion.

"We've got some beautiful trails out here to enjoy, but there's some cautions we have to take for safety... reminding people to be hydrated before they hit the trail, know where they're going, have a map with them, have a fully charged cell phone, dress appropriately... sunglasses, hat, light colored shirts and just be safe in their travels out there," said Capt. Gary Burns with Scottsdale Fire.

Not only should hikers prepare themselves for the heat but also for canine friends that may also be tagging along.

On average, a dog's coat can get up to 30 degrees warmer while hiking in hot temperatures, and the rocks beneath their paws can become nearly unbearable for them.

The best way to enjoy a safe hike is to keep hydrated a day or more in advance, know your trail and stick to it, bring a friend along, and pack plenty of water for both you and your furry friend.