Titusville police warn residents about bear sightings

Titusville police are warning residents about several bear sightings in the city.

Officers say they are patrolling areas where the bear has been sighted and are warning people to stay away from the animal if they encounter it.

Christine Turner says she spotted the bear right outside her home in the Imperial Estates neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

"I couldn't believe my eyes, really. I would never expect to see a bear right there," Turner said.

She says she walked out to her driveway to throw something away when she saw the bear was about five feet from her.

"It did walk away from me, so I grabbed my phone to do a quick video of it. That's when it crossed the road and it went over into the neighbor's bushes," Turner said.

There was another sighting Sunday.

Alex Karwat shared video of the bear near U.S. 1 and Deleon Avenue.

The bear can be seen in a parking lot area, before it hops over a fence.