Transcript of Jodi Arias' testimony released Tuesday

One of the first questions to Jodi Arias came from her attorney Jennifer Wilmott who asked her if she killed Travis Alexander. "Yes," replied Jodi Arias.

Wilmott: "Why did it take you two years to admit that you did it?"
Arias: "It took my that long to be able to admit to myself that, that I did it."
Wilmott: "Why did it take you that long to admit it to yourself?"
Arias: "Because, because what I did was so horrific that I couldn't have, I could never have imagined myself doing that to another human being."

Jodi admitted to covering up the murder, leaving a message on Travis Alexanders phone machine, and going on a date the next date in Utah, and attending his memorial.

Wilmott: "Why couldn't you say something to somebody?"
Arias: "Something like that is just, that is, I mean I know who I am and who I have been my whole life, and I for those few minutes out of my whole life, I was somebody that I wasn't, and I couldn't, I couldn't face that."

Perhaps the most powerful moment in the two days of secret testimony: her attorney.
Wilmott: "And when you see the pictures that were taken after he died, and you see the number of stab wounds that there were, how do you feel about that when you see that?"
Arias: "Again, I think this is somebody that I cared about and I caused, I caused the pain. And those were his last moments and it makes me sick and I wish, I wish so badly that I could just do that whole day over again."