Trash dumping problem persists in Laveen

In September, FOX 10 Phoenix reported on how people in the Laveen area are getting a little tired of people dumping stuff on the side of roads.

Months later, residents in the area say the problem is ongoing.

"Every time I drive down that street, there's always trash there," said Meredith Velez, who has lived in the area of 39th Avenue and Vineyard for the better part of the last decade. "I've never gone a day without seeing trash there."

Velez said the problem is persistent.

"It is an eyesore, especially when we live in a nicer area, we drive down that street and it's like oh look, trash," said Velez.

When FOX 10 Phoenix reported on the problem back in September, area residents were fed up then.

"It's kind of disgusting to me, it's displeasing," said Michelle Mendoza, back in September.

"The other day I tried to catch someone dumping but they ran away," said Brian Wright, back in September.

The City of Phoenix has since installed cameras in the area. In addition, signs explicitly stating that people are being monitored have been put up. On Thursday, however, a discarded furniture was seen in the area. Area residents said it's been there for at least a couple of weeks

"When you're wanting to sell your home and you live on that side of the road and then someone comes to look at your house, and they don't want to live across the street from someone who has trash piling up," said Velez.

While we were in the area, a City of Phoenix employee came out and picked up the trash.

Officials with the city said they are investigating an incident.

In addition, officials with the City of Phoenix said if you see trash dumped on the side of the road, you should call (602) 262-7251 to report it.