Travel experts predict largest travel season on record with 104 million Americans going to and from destinations

If you're heading back home from your holiday get-togethers, expect to see a lot of company on the roads and at the airport.

Thursday is predicted to be the busiest travel day of the holiday season as millions of Americans are planning to return home from holiday gatherings.

Triple AAA predicts the worst time to be on the roads will be between 4 and 6 p.m, and your drive could take twice as long as normal.

Airports are also expected to be busy with nearly three million people flying Thursday and Friday. 104 million Americans are also expected to travel this holiday season, making it the largest travel season on record.

Heavy traffic is going into and out of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix as families return home, suitcases full of gifts in tow. Travelers faced stormy weather in some parts of the country, long lines at ticket counters, and turbulence in the air.

Several flights originating from southern California did not leave on time Thursday after a big storm held up travelers there, delaying flights from anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour.

In some cases, passengers we re-routed to different terminals in the San Diego airport as airlines juggled flights to accommodate the inconveniences.

However, the majority of flights into and out of Sky Harbor ran smooth and on time. But many say it was the hustle and bustle of cars and increase in traffic in and around the airport, that made catching their flights difficult.

Travel experts say the days between Christmas and New Year's Day see the highest volume, so if you are planning to travel between now and January 1st, give yourself plenty of time, or just avoid traveling until after New Year's Day.