Trump signs vandalized in Prince William County

Charges of dirty tricks and campaign shenanigans are flying in Virginia as several Donald Trump signs have been found vandalized with Election Day only a few days away.

Along Minnieville Road in Prince William County, several large signs were seen damaged after being spray-painted, kicked and ripped.

This is not the first time this kind of vandalism has happened in Prince William County. Back in March, Judy Beaty told FOX 5 that her house in Gainesville was vandalized with spray paint while the Trump signs in her front yard were stolen.

Corey Stewart, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Prince William County and former chairman of the Trump campaign in Virginia, is pointing the finger of blame at the Clinton campaign.

"I think there is desperation by Democrats that Trump is actually gaining in the polls and it looks real good that he's going to win, not just the country, but he could very well win Virginia," said Stewart. "So I think Democrats are very desperate and they are angry that we actually are going to be winning this election come Tuesday."

Prince William County's Republican Party said they have filed eight police reports about the vandalism.

FOX 5 did speak with the Clinton campaign in Virginia and they dismissed the accusations saying they "denounce" any vandalism or violence in this campaign.