Tuesday is deadline to register to vote in November election

PHOENIX (AP/KSAZ) - Arizonans wishing to vote in the November general election need to register today or they'll miss their chance to have a say in who represents them in the coming years.

People who aren't already registered have until midnight Tuesday to do so. County election officials begin sending out vote-by-mail ballots on Wednesday.

On the ballot are a U.S. Senate and all nine U.S. House seats, the governor and other top state officials, several initiatives and all 90 state House and Senate seats.

Voters must be U.S. citizens, 18 years old by Election Day, a resident of the county where registering and have no felony convictions unless their civil rights have been restored.

Fontes says Maricopa County has a total of 2.23 million active voters, and roughly 2,000 to 3,000 voter registration forms have come in, each day. Now, Fontes, hopes he will receive even more, on this last day of registration.

An age group that usually sees minimal turnout is young adults age 18 to 29. According to a recent poll, only 28% of this age group will vote in the midterms, compared to 74% of seniors.

"There's a lot of intimidation, like oh, you're not mature enough to understand what's going on." said ASU student Kody Hubler.

However, people with youth vote program NextGen America say despite those numbers, young voters are more fired up than ever.

"I'm hearing that a lot of students are kind of upset and fed up with the cost of college, the cost of rent. The cost of groceries even," said Alex Ross.

The group was able to get thousands of young voters in Arizona to register.

"They want to see politicians that will fight for them, and not just the corporate interests," said Ross.

Meanwhile, officials are also preparing for the November general election. Back in August, several polling places in Maricopa County had problems with voting machines, which the County Recorder blamed on a contractor. Now, the Recorder plans to do things much differently, relying on County staff members for help.

"We're going to use them in all aspects of our election and execution," said Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. "That's really the important thing, so very confident that we are on track to make sure we have folks hired and trained well."

Fontes also says the number from all age groups, not just young people, are increasing overall.

To register online, go to https://servicearizona.com/.