Tuesday's fatal armed robbery sparks gun debate

An armed robbery incident on Tuesday that ended with the fatal shooting of the suspect by a customer is sparking a debate over guns and shootings.

The customer who shot him is reportedly 38 years old, and some are calling him a Good Samaritan, a hero, and a good guy with a gun.

The drug store where the shooting took place was closed until early afternoon on Wednesday, as bio-hazard companies cleaned up the crime scene inside.

The incident happened at around 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, and the suspect has since been identified as Stephen Holguin, 30. Police said Holguin allegedly pulled a gun, and while yelling instructions to startled pharmacy techs and customers, tried to steal the drug oxycontin. The customer then reportedly pulled his weapon and shot Holguin, killing him.

On Wednesday, people are talking about the incident.

"I would be a little worried about it," said one person. "Maybe you're endangering other peoples lives, but maybe he was there, right place, right time. I have mixed feelings for that right there."

"If you have a permit for your gun, and you know how to use it correctly and for the right reason, then you should be able to," said another person.

Meanwhile, David Laird of C2 Tactical Shooting said he and other instructors are following this case closely, because it shows the gravity of making a decision to pull a gun and act.

"That's a tough thing to make a choice, and you're going to live with it the rest of your life, whether you act or dont act," said Laird. "Someone could potentially die from your actions or inactions."

Officials with the drug store chain where the incident took place said they have no comment on this, but said they are cooperating with Phoenix Police.