Twin boys turn buggy business into success

They were just 6-years-old when they started their own business, a pair of Valley twin boys who invented something called a "buggy bag."

The bags are basically covers for outdoor sports vehicles like ATV's; the twins business really took off after being featured on FOX 10.

Now seven years later, the boys who are now teenagers are seeing great success.

It's safe to say these Glendale twins are not your typical middle school students. They manage homework and a growing business, they take calls with CEO's and take tests in school. These 13-year-old's say this is only the beginning.

Twins Zachary and Josh were on FOX 10 seven years ago showing off their invention, The Buggy Bag.

Now they're budding CEO's balancing the business and life at 13.

"I think I can balance it pretty well... I think I'm doing pretty good," said Josh Neyens.

The two came up with the idea after playing around with fabric in their Glendale garage. With help from their dad, the dune buggy covers now sell online and at major retail stores.

"Their involvement has changed from just loving to do to loving to see what their customers do with the bags," said Jay Neyes.

The buggy bag isn't the end of the road for them; their business is helping them launch other goals.

The boys are chasing one dream after another, all before even taking a step into high school.

"I feel like buggy boys have changed our life a lot, because we are not regular 13-year-old boy's, and are business men owning a business," said Josh.

The twin boys are growing up, right along with the company they started 7-years-ago.

The boys have sold thousands of bags in the past few years all over the world; now they are working on a deal with WalMart and