U.S. Forest Service educates public on wildfire prevention

UTV Performance Center in north Phoenix had some unusual visitors today – fire prevention educators, sent by Uncle Sam.

"This right here is Arizona's time," said Jon Clanin with the U.S. Forest Service. "That's why we're here."

The small team fans out across the Valley to preach fire prevention, and more importantly, to get others to help preach it for them.

"A lot of customers ask me where to go, where to ride, where I go personally," Clanin said. "So with that, I can give them some information and educate them. Hey, if you’re going to go to the forest, just give some information on putting out fires to make sure they don’t park and drive education."

The target is wildfires' three main culprits; shooting guns and setting campfires. Both are off-limits on Arizona's public lands, but the other big one is vehicles. From on the road and off.

"Exhaust systems, great brakes, proper catalytic converters, driving on dry grass," Clanin said.

As the old saying goes, "Only you can prevent fire," and these guys are here to spread the word.


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"We’re gonna do everything we can to help them out, to make sure they have that information, but at the end of the day, it’s their responsibility," Clanin said.

The team will be in the Valley for the next couple of weeks. Other southwestern states are doing the same. This is the fourth year of the education outreach program.