Uber looking to expand service at Sky Harbor

It is one of the most popular ways to get around, ride-sharing Uber is working to expand its services at Sky Harbor Airport.

The company has launched a petition asking the City of Phoenix to allow all UberX drivers to pick up passengers from the airport.

Dr. Michael Clifford is an avid Uber user when he flies into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

"I've used it about 39 times I think in the last 60 days," said Dr. Clifford.

His preferred method is the economical UberX, but for some users of Uber and Lyft at Sky Harbor this isn't always an option. Very few ride-sharing drivers have gone through the background checks required by the City of Phoenix and paid the $400-year fee to be authorized to pick up passengers curbside.

Clifford is taking one of the few UberX drivers who are authorized. Now Uber is taking a stand against the city, asking the users to sign a petition allowing drivers to be able to pickup from the airport freely.

"I don't like anything to do with the government infringing on especially business, on free enterprise," he said.

"We want customers to get the services they want at Sky Harbor, but safety and security are number 1," said Julie Rodriguez with Sky Harbor Airport.

"Currently Uber and Lyft have a background check that they feel is sufficient, and ours is a fingerprint background check. Theirs is a name, and I believe social security background check and they would like us to accept their background check," said Rodriguez.

The City of Phoenix now plans to meet with security experts from ride-share companies to see if they can find some common ground.

"We're going to go back and meet with Uber and Lyft. We're going to talk to their experts, compare what they do compared to our fingerprint background check, look at everything, and then we'll make a recommendation to our board and members of the city council next year," said Rodriguez.

Uber issued the following statement: "While the airport is currently trying to enforce outdated rules on ridesharing services like Uber, rules that stand in the way of innovation and consumer choice, Uber remains committed to coming to a reasonable and workable solution." -- Steve Thompson, General Manager, Uber Arizona

Uber says they have already received tens of thousands of signatures on the petition. Officials say it is expected to be next year before we see if the city and the companies can come up with a solution.