'Unfrosted': Watch Jerry Seinfeld's trailer for Pop-Tarts origin

Unfrosted movie poster/Netflix

The story of how Battle Creek-based Kellogg's created Pop-Tarts is coming to Netflix May 3.

The first trailer for "Unfrosted" dropped Thursday with a star-studded cast, directed by Jerry Seinfeld, who also co-writes and stars in it.

Set in Michigan in1963, the Unfrosted trailer begins with Seinfeld's voiceover saying, "In the early 1960s the American morning was defined by milk and cereal - and the two undisputed giants of the cereal world were Kellogg's and Post."

Then a Walter Kronkite stand-in during a newscast announces major news from the breakfast world - "a shelf stable fruit pastry breakfast product."

And thus kicks off the maybe the second biggest race to launch - only behind the moon launch.

In early February the man credited with inventing the Pop-Tart, William "Bill" Post of Grand Rapids died at 96. Coincidentally around that time, Netflix first announced the coming Unfrosted movie.

Pop-Tarts were originally called Fruit Scones but the name was changed to Pop-Tarts as a nod to the Pop Art trend of the time. Pop-Tarts was introduced in 1964. The first shipments - which began unfrosted - sold out in two weeks - and the rest is history.

Still from Unfrosted/Netflix

Still from the Unfrosted trailer/Netflix

The new movie is jam-packed with comedic stars including Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, Daniel Levy and Max Greenfield among many others.

A slapstick vibe appears throughout the trailer which hints it is "loosely" based on the true story. In fact, Seinfeld himself alluded to this in a promotional article on Tudum by Netflix.

"This really did happen in Battle Creek, Michigan, where Kellogg’s and Post were located, and they did compete to come up with this product," Seinfeld said. "But the rest of it is complete lunacy.

"We’re going to tell you a story, but if we want to do something funny that doesn’t make any sense, we’re going to do that too."

Seinfeld's favorite flavor is brown sugar cinnamon - and says it has to be toasted.

"There’s something sad about a cold Pop-Tart. It’s soulless," he said in the article. "It’s devoid of emotion. Incomplete."

The tagline for the movie is "A tale of ambition, betrayal, sugar, and menacing milkmen."