Unique stilettos up for auction at Inspired Soles fundraiser

Dozens of uniquely and carefully decorated stilettos are all lined up inside warehouse 215, where for the fifth year, the Inspired Soles fundraiser will take place on Friday night.

The fundraiser supports Artlink, which is a non-profit organization that promotes the Phoenix art scene.

"We procure the artists, they're all volunteers that are given a stiletto as their blank canvass," Sara Fleury, of Inspired Soles, said. "They are able to express themselves, use whatever art they would like to, make a statement or make whatever they want out of it."

Some statements are political, like "Donald Pump" and "Heelary Clinton."

Others are more about the art, such as Stiletto in Mosaic.

The "Bank Show Bot" heel could maybe double as a lamp and then there's one called "The Struggle" by local artist Adam Carter.

"I kind of wanted to take a little more of a negative slant on the idea and illustrate the struggle that woman have in the workplace and society," he said. "And take the powerful stiletto and pin it between the ceiling and floor, spike it, put if off-kilter, suspended between the two."

And of course, you can't escape this rivalry no matter where you go in this state.

For the first time, ASU and U of A will be going head-to-head, or maybe toe-to-toe, to see which shoe collects the most money.

Winner will get bragging rights and, of course, a fabulous pump.

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