US Navy sailor surprises sister at Arizona high school for the holidays

It wasn't an ordinary day for a Willow Canyon student. She got a huge surprise when her sister, a Navy sailor, who had been deployed overseas for months, unexpectedly showed up to her class.

After months apart, Ariel Schott was reunited with her sister Autumn Williams.

"I'm happy to be home. I'm happy I got to do this for you."

The sailor had kept her secret for months, hoping to give her sister a Surprise she'd never forget.

"It was about halfway through deployment. She was always like, 'I love watching those videos of people surprising.. so I wanted to make sure I could do that for her and it's been a while since I'd seen her and she's my little sister," said Schott.

Looking at Autumn now, Schott says things have definitely changed.

"It was amazing.. she's so grown, like look at her.. I'm the big sister, but I'm like a foot smaller."

"Yeah, I thought you weren't coming.. I was complaining to mom," laughed Autumn.

Overseas, the two tried to stay in contact as much as they could, but Schott says nothing beats being there for each other in person.

"She always comes to me and would always be like mom said this, or this happened, so yeah, it was definitely rough being away."

The sisters say they are excited to be together for the holidays.