Valley boy with heart defect celebrates birthday at KNIX

It was a pretty amazing 13th birthday for one valley boy; he was born with a serious heart condition.

He had his first open heart surgery when he was just days old, and then has undergone two more.

The folks at KNIX held a very special party for the teen.

The red carpet was rolled out, Austin was the big man today as KNIX's Barrel boy showed him the way to quite a birthday adventure.

"He's having a birthday tomorrow, and since we couldn't come to that, we said let's celebrate your birthday here, and you be a DJ, the whole staff rallied," said Matt.

"The kid is a warrior, this is a kid who is 13 this weekend, and had three open heart surgeries, there was a great chance he wasn't going to be around for Thursday, so we celebrate that, and we love him, he's a great kid," said Ben.

Austin is a living miracle. Doctors didn't think he'd make it this long, but his love for life has fueled him this far. He was full pf spunk and had lots of energy on display for an hour on KNIX from 11 a.m. to Noon.

"To quote Donald Trump, you're hired!" said Ben.

It's on paper; he's officially a part of the KNIX family.