Valley businessman treats families to shopping spree

Christmas came a little early for some Valley families when they found out they were getting a shopping spree courtesy of a Valley businessman. 

"Christmas for my family, things that I couldn't get that now I can, my kids are happy it's a blessing," said Teresa Hollis, a recipient. 

Teresa Hollis and her family are one of 20 families who were chosen to go on a shopping spree at Goodwill.

"They said that someone picked our family to come on a shopping spree here at the Goodwill store," said Hollis. 

That someone is Michael Pollack, a Valley businessman. 

"We're going to let them have a shopping spree here at Goodwill, they'll also get a gift card for Fry's for food and they're also going to get a gift card for gas," said Michael Pollack, a Valley entrepreneur. 

Each family received a total of $500.

This is something the Pollack family does regularly.

"To be able to see this makes our Christmas special," said Cheryl Pollack.

"I just feel like growing wings and flying I'm so excited," said Pamela Jones, a recipient. "I didn't have anything for my family for presents, my mom, my niece and my sister. I got the call from Goodwill that the donor was giving us gifts and could I be here today and I couldn't sleep last night."

Mr. Pollack also made a $110,000 donation to Goodwill.