Valley company transforms old hotel into veteran housing

Sonya Moule went from being in the Army to living on the streets of Phoenix.

"I'm one of the few female vets that they've taken care of," she said.

After getting help from the V.A. and U.S. Vets, Sonya was able to find a place to live.

"I have a place to call home and that is a big deal," she said.

Jim Reavey, the CEO and president of Vixxo, is helping veterans by turning an old Phoenix hotel into housing for those who have served.

"Some of them are homeless, some of them transitioning off of active duty... and really get back on their feet so they can transition back into civilian life," he said.

Reavey served in the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years.

"I went through that same experience years ago, and anyone who can help... it means to myself and all the associated at Vixxo," he said.

This new housing allows veterans to move in for six months -- rent free. It also gives them time to look for a job and save money.

"As we think about the sacrifice that they made, this is one small token of our appreciation that has the community coming together to give back to an amazing cause," Moule said.

After six months, some veterans, like Joanna, will choose to stay in their new homes.

"We know that 13 veterans will have a cozier and more accommodating place to call their home," she said.